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Sorry for being inactive unfollowers, tao din ako. At hello bumagyo kaya? Walang kuryente, walang internet connection. Last Friday lang bumalik and yesterday lang yung internet connection.

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jaremhive asked: hi rae :D

Hi Jarem! I forgot to ask, are you going sa SMC ba? :)

Hello I’m quite bored or what

Ask or Ask.fm

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Me every Mac Lab class

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God creates dinosaurs.
God destroys dinosaurs.
God creates man.
Man destroys God.
Man creates dinosaurs.

Dinosaur eats man.
Woman inherits the earth.

Waited outside the chair person’s office for about an hour and a half. Wow, Thesis a great progress! Haha kidding

Chuck, me, and the cheeseburger at 2 in the morning. Who’s up?

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Monday at Army Navy; Last push before my sister went back to Sg. Come back very very soon please. Miss you already!

I was scrolling my timeline when I saw this tweet from MisterBanatero that says: "Talent mo talaga yan? Yung magkunwaring mabait?" Then suddenly  the person that immediately popped in my mind was this person I once trusted with all of me and didn’t have the idea that she can this certain thing to me, but we’re ex-friends now. Hays this is not against you but I’m just really wondering if ‘are you really the person you are’? 

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